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findOrCreateModuleVar picks the wrong symbol


    • Type: Bug Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Scala 2.9.2
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    • Component/s: Misc Compiler
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      I was looking today at refchecks in order to learn how modules are transformed. In so doing I spotted a bug.

      scalac wrongly tells there's an error in the following program (the program is OK, in fact):

      class D { 
        object p // (program point 1) 
      class C { 
        def m: D = { 
          if("abc".length == 0) {
            object p       // (program point 2)

      Summary: eliminateModuleDefs(tree: Tree) wants to expand the ModuleDef at "program point 2".
      As part of that, it invokes

        def findOrCreateModuleVar() = localTyper.typedPos(tree.pos) {
          lazy val createModuleVar = gen.mkModuleVarDef(sym)
 match {
            // In case we are dealing with local symbol then we already have
            // to correct error with forward reference
            case NoSymbol => createModuleVar
            case vsym     => ValDef(vsym)

      with tree bound to that ModuleDef. Normal behavior would be to enter the case NoSymbol,
      however it finds a vsym (surprisingly, for the lowering of another module, that in "program point 1").

      The assumptions under which findOrCreateModuleVar are written appear to be:
      (a) for a module owned by class, is a ClassInfo and thus decl() on it looks up where intended.
      (b) for a module owned by something else, that same lookup will be performed on an EmptyScope.

      Assumption (b) proves wrong when returns a NullaryMethodType. In that case, NullaryMethodType.decls delegates to resultType.decls. In our case, that resultType ("D") happens to have as member an object with the same name, but not the one we're looking for.


        Commit Message Bot added a comment -

        (extempore in r25757) Fix bug in ModuleDef elimination.

        Fixes corner case diagnosed by miguel. Closes SI-5012, no review.

        Commit Message Bot added a comment - (extempore in r25757 ) Fix bug in ModuleDef elimination. Fixes corner case diagnosed by miguel. Closes SI-5012 , no review.


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