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Anonymous type function is accepted as higher-kinded parameter type, but does not unify with it



      I attached a minimal example reproducing the bug. Compiling it and checking the error messages might be faster than reading my description, but I still include a walkthrough of the bug. Suppose we have the following definitions (the values are irrelevant as you might verify, only the argument types count):

      implicit def function[D[_]](t: TypeWithHigherKindParam[D]) = 1
      val param: TypeWithHigherKindParam[PartialApply1Of2[Tuple2, Int]#Apply] = null

      where PartialApply1Of2#Apply is a type function (it comes from Scalaz, is included in the attachment). Let's apply function to param:

      function[PartialApply1Of2[Tuple2, Int]#Apply](param): Int //Compiles
      function(param) //Does not compile

      So, type inference cannot figure out the needed parameter. However, the error message hints that unification has the right inputs and is simply failing:

      various/BugReport.scala:14: error: no type parameters for method function: (t: BugReport.TypeWithHigherKindParam[D])Int exist so that it can be applied to arguments (BugReport.TypeWithHigherKindParam[[B](Int, B)])
       --- because ---
      argument expression's type is not compatible with formal parameter type;
       found   : BugReport.TypeWithHigherKindParam[[B](Int, B)]
       required: BugReport.TypeWithHigherKindParam[?D]
          function(param) //Does not compile

      ?D was declared as D[_] and has thus kind * -> * (in Haskell notation), like [B](Int, B), so unification should easily succeed.

      Moreover, when making function implicit, I'd expect the compiler to be able to use it (as in the example) - that's (a reduced version of) my original use case, actually. More complex tests can be found commented out in the attachment.

      FYI, I retested this also on a (hopefully) more recent version, getting the same results (plus extra unrelated warnings).
      It was yesterday's HEAD of scala-virtualized (git://github.com/TiarkRompf/scala-virtualized.git), branch virtualized-master, commit 158bc26c7bf9552c99eba00690b15f5d351abfb6 (which seems to have last resynced to scala on this commit: https://github.com/scala/scala/commit/b0d5648254d68b81bf539b2fca82fc3750c6a720).


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