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Scala compiler reports class file is broken when the class is annotated with a Java annotation having multiple enum values



      I discovered this issues while annotating some of scala traits with Jackson type annotations (http://jackson.codehaus.org/1.9.0/javadoc/org/codehaus/jackson/annotate/JsonTypeInfo.html). The issues seems to be that the JsonTypeInfo annotation has two properties that reference inner non-static enumerations. The scala compiler appears to generate valid class files, but cannot load these class to compile other dependent source files.

      I've managed to reproduce the issue outside of Jackson:

      $ javac -version
      javac 1.6.0_26
      $ scalac -version
      Scala compiler version 2.9.2.r25928-b20111102031955 -- Copyright 2002-2011, LAMP/EPFL
      $ javac TestAnnotation.java 
      $ scalac TestTrait.scala 
      $ scalac TestObject.scala 
      error: error while loading TestTrait, class file './TestTrait.class' is broken
      (Scala class file does not contain Scala annotation)
      TestObject.scala:2: error: illegal inheritance;
       self-type TestObject.type does not conform to TestTrait's selftype TestTrait
      object TestObject extends TestTrait
      TestObject.scala:2: error: illegal inheritance; superclass TestTrait
       is not a subclass of the superclass Object
       of the mixin trait ScalaObject
      object TestObject extends TestTrait
      three errors found

      The source (also attached):


      import java.lang.annotation.*;
      public @interface TestAnnotation {
        public enum TestEnumOne { A, B }
        public enum TestEnumTwo { C, D }
        public TestEnumOne one();
        public TestEnumTwo two();
        public String strVal();


      @TestAnnotation(one=TestAnnotation.TestEnumOne.A, two=TestAnnotation.TestEnumTwo.C, strVal="something")
      trait TestTrait


      object TestObject extends TestTrait

      Other Observations:

      • Making TestEnumOne and TestEnumTwo static still produces the error
      • Compiling both TestTrait.scala and TestObject.scala together does not produce the error
      • Having only one enum filed in TestAnnotation (i.e. commenting out "public TestEnumTwo two()" in TestAnnotation.java) does not produce the error


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