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Private val in case class leads to either to weird compilation error or ClassCastException




      case class Foo(private val x: Int, y: Option[Int], z: Boolean)
      object PrivateVal extends App {
        def foo(x: Foo) = x match {
          case Foo(x, Some(y), z) => y
          case Foo(x, y, z) => 0
        val x = Foo(1, Some(2), false)

      Compiling using 2.10.0-M1 gives us:

      PrivateVal.scala:3: error: isInstanceOf cannot test if value types are references.
        def foo(x: Foo) = x match {
      one error found

      if we change method foo to

      def foo(x: Foo) = x match {
        case Foo(x, Some(y), z) => y
        case Foo(x, None, z) => 0

      the code compiles but throws CCE at runtime:

      /scala PrivateVal
      java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Boolean cannot be cast to scala.Option
      	at PrivateVal$.foo(PrivateVal.scala:4)
      	at PrivateVal$delayedInit$body.apply(PrivateVal.scala:9)

      Ouch! If you compile it with -Xprint:cleanup you'll notice:

      def foo(x: Foo): Int = {
            <synthetic> val temp2: Foo = x;
            if (temp2.ne(null))
                <synthetic> val temp4: Boolean = temp2.z();
                val y: Option = scala.Boolean.box(temp4).$asInstanceOf[Option]();
                if (PrivateVal.this.gd1$1(y))

      Which means pattern matching is completely confused about the arity (and thus types) of our case class.

      Both definitions of foo this worked in 2.9.x so it's a regression. However, the whole idea of having private vals in case classes feels weird. We declare a member to be private but then we can access it through a pattern match (in 2.9.x). I think we should simply disallow private vals in case class's primary constructor. Proposed way to move forward:
      1. bring back questionable semantics of 2.9.x back to master
      2. Deprecate private vals in primary constructor of a case class
      3. Disallow it in the next major release of Scala

      PS. Yvirtpatmat fails to handle private vals properly as well.
      PS2. The test-case has been extracted with blood and tears from specs2 by me and Nada Amin.




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