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      From my scala-internals post (, verbatim:

      Ideally, the function of Ctrl-C should depend on whether the REPL is waiting for user input, or running something in the foreground.

      Waiting at a prompt, my preference would be:

      • If there's no text entered at the prompt, print a message like "(interrupt) type :quit <Enter> or Ctrl-D to exit"
      • it's handy to trap Ctrl-C here, because people often press it repeatedly without intending to completely exit their current activity--mysql client, I'm looking at you
      • If there is text entered, discard it and bring up a new, empty prompt--this is what bash does.

      With a foreground task running, ideally Ctrl-C should kill the task and return control to the REPL. I guess this implies running each command in a separate thread from the REPL itself, so it can be forcibly stopped—but of course, this doesn't necessarily imply *starting a new thread for each command*—we could just keep one of them around to run user code in—until it dies, only then we start a new one.

      As for the mechanics of stopping the task, so long as we're baking pie in the sky...

      while (!thread.isDead) {
        thread.youShouldExitNow() // presumably this is a custom thread class
        Thread.sleep(n) // say 2-5 seconds
        if (!thread.isDead) {
          val yn = prompt "The thread hasn't exited yet. Should we try to forcibly stop it?"
          if (yn == "y") {

      If anything is running in the background, may FSM have mercy on its soul. Out of scope.

      If we felt like being clever, we could rewrite any line that has a looping construct at the root of its tree to be breakable. If it's a method call that loops, well, too bad.




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