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CompilerControl.parseTree can in certain conditions return a typed tree


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    • Fix Version/s: Scala 2.10.1
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      Calling `CompilerControl.parseTree` can return a typechecked tree, which is problematic if what you wanted was just a parsed tree.

      It happens because the current implementation tries to memorize the tree. An easy fix is just to re-create the parse tree every time. Tests for this should check that:

      1. You get a new parse tree every time you ask for one
      2. A parse tree should never contain any symbols or types [1]
      3. If you ask for a parse tree and then someone else asks for a typed tree it shouldn't change the parse tree you originally asked for, i.e. property
      2 still holds.

      I've discussed this with the IDE team and provided a fix in their project for now but this is something that should be fixed in the compiler. See the ticket here:

      I have a fix for this but I need to port my tests from the IDE to the compiler before I can have a pull request ready.

      [1] There is an exception to this though. Some of the nodes that
      the compiler generates will actually contain symbols. I've
      chosen to just ignore these special cases for now.


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        "Assigning" to Adriaan so it doesn't look like nobody is working on it.

        James Iry added a comment - "Assigning" to Adriaan so it doesn't look like nobody is working on it.


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